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Paying for insurance should ensure that they'll have your back when something goes wrong. When your insurance company won't support you in your time of need, it's time to speak to an attorney. Mark Albert Attorney At Law PLLC can provide you with an insurance bad faith attorney in Elk City, Oklahoma so you can put together your case. Attorney Mark Albert will help you fight for what's right and resolve your bad faith insurance claim.

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When Should You Call an Attorney About an Insurance Claim?

A bad faith insurance claim can be detrimental to your finances if you don't defend yourself in court. Attorney Mark Albert can assist you with your claim. You should call an insurance bad faith attorney if:

  • You've been in an accident and your insurance provider is refusing to cover your medical bills

  • A storm damaged your home and your provider is refusing to pay for the repairs

  • Your insurance company is making unreasonable delays for any claim

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