Are You Being Charged With a Crime in Elk City, OK?

Are You Being Charged With a Crime in Elk City, OK?

Restore your reputation with help from a criminal defense attorney

One charge doesn't have to change your life. Mark Albert Attorney At Law PLLC in Elk City, Oklahoma and Beckham County can provide you with a criminal defense attorney to stand by your side in court. Attorney Mark Albert will put together your defense and fight for your rights aggressively, as well.

Work with a reliable criminal defense attorney to fight your charge.

Trust us to help with a variety of criminal charges

Attorney Mark Albert has experience in a wide range of criminal law matters. You can call attorney Albert for cases related to:

  • Impaired driving charges (DUIs), including drug or alcohol use
  • Drug-related charges, including possession, trafficking and distribution
  • Property crimes, including allegations of robbery, theft and shoplifting
  • Violent crimes, including domestic assault and assault and battery

Do you need a DUI attorney for your case? Speak to DUI attorney Mark Albert in Elk City, OK today by calling 580-225-2010.